Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Cameron Show

Here is a collage of images from the show I did at the Cameron. The show was only supposed to last a month but the good folks at The Cameron House ask me if I would like to stay up an extra month. Of course I said yes, and now it looks I will be part of a group show that is going on for the month of August.
The show is called The Group of Cousins Art Show. My good friend Sam Ferrara will be part of this show as well. He is an amazing artist that I have shown with a few years back at the Columbus Center.
Looking back I laugh now at how scared I was before hanging this show. I kept thinking to myself, this bar is full of great musicians, nobody is going to get what I do and they’re all going to think I’m a hack. Well the hack part is true, but that’s never stopped me before. I must say that I was very happy about the response I got, many good comments were sent my way, and I thank all the people that came out to the opening, and all the people that went by the Cameron over the past two months to check it out.
When the month everything remaining will be moved to Mitzi Sister on Queen West and will hang till the first of September, and after that I promise to start recording again if only to put some MP3s up for people to listen to.

I would like to thank my good friend Donna for going down to the Cameron all the way from Mississauga to shoot the photos I used in this collage. I know it must have been hard dealing with all them crazy city folks, and I’m glad you made it back home safely.



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