Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Mitzi's Sister Show

Front East wall
Front west wall
Center west wall
Center east wall
Center South West wall

Back East wall

Back West wall

It’s the month of August and my show at Mitzi’s Sister is going well. Every six months or so they let me hang all my junk, and August is there lucky month. I love hanging here not only because it’s in my neighborhood, and I use to work there, but also because the response is always better then I expect. Seven nights a week of free music brings out a lot of people and a lot of musicians. In fact for two years some friends and I would host an experimental night of music, noise, spoken word, and they occasional drunken jam.

The Sister also houses a permanent collection of some of my older pieces, a bit ruff and dusty, but it’s where all of these instruments came from in the first place. If you are interested in seeing any of these pieces at the sister there address is 1554 Queen Street west. If you don’t want to see the stuff you can still go in and eat some really great food, and hear some really good music.

P.S. If Sean or Chris is working you don’t know me.

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