Thursday, June 01, 2006

Iner with the Single String in the Isolation Chamber

This was a photo taken from a gig that I played a few years ago with the band Manna machine. In Toronto and most of Ontario it is illegal to smoke in bars and restaurants. So we had the great idea to play in one of the smoking rooms. I brought down a few panels from the space ship, and lit it up real nice like. We pulled out the benches and replaced them with our amps and instruments. All the sounds were pumped out to the P.A.
The ashtrays stayed. There is some video footage that was filmed and used in a documentary called Parkdalien. It was filmed by Corrado De Luca, and he was kind enough to use me as the subject matter. It plays on randomly on Bravo, and my mom has a copy of it.

Thanks to MB Dickinson for the photos

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