Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Realistic University

I built this amp mainly for use with the Sunflowers of Death, but now it seems to be an integral part of the inner workings of my spaceship. Disregard the fact that the photo is taken in my kitchen, the amp really is part of the ship.

Why do you call it The Realistic University?

That’s a good question Iner, but why are you talking to yourself?

For starters, Realistic is the name of the stereo amp I used to power the beast. I love old stereo tube amps. You don’t get the same kind of volume from a stereo amp compared to a guitar amp, but this blog has almost nothing to do with guitars. In fact I find that with some of the more umm……interesting things that I build actually sound better through things other than guitar amps.

There are three different stereo tube amps in the spaceship along with two guitar amps, which is complete overkill, and that’s why I love my ship.

Now the University is the name of the speaker mounted on top of the amp.

It doesn’t sound nearly as interesting when I explain it that way, but that’s where the name came from.

There is also a 15” speaker mounted in the lower part of the amp. I can choose from the top or bottom speaker to work on there own, or I can combine the two, which is great because there is so much low end on the bottom speaker, and the University can almost be piercing at times with it’s high end. Another great feature is the multiple inputs and outputs on the amp.

Once things are turned on and tuned up me and my ship are ready to transcend time and space.

For the nonbelievers here’s a picture of the amp in the spaceship.

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