Thursday, June 01, 2006

Somebody elses stuff


originally this was a clock, somebody's electric guitar, and my grandmothers candy dish.
The clock came from the fire at my friends Brian, and Geoffs place.
The guitar neck I bought at a Goodwill on my trip around Northern Ontario that Jen and I took in July.

Tony Iommi, Tony Iommi. That's all I can remember the clerk saying as I paid for my purchases. I think he may have been a bit off.
My grandmothers candy dish didn't really belong to my grandmother, but, that's what i keep thinking when i look at it.
As you can tell this instrument has no strings. That's because it's not finished yet. Someday I will complete it, hopefully in time for my show in August 2005 at Mitzi's Cafe in Parkdale. Hopefully.

If you look closely at the bottom of the image you will notice my boots. I got those at Zellers.

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