Thursday, June 01, 2006

Vanguard Nine

For those of you that live close by I am having an opening at Mitzi’s Sister on Tuesday December 13th. It starts at around 8pm but there is a good chance that I will be there all night. It is a bar after all.

For those of you that can’t make it the show will be up until the beginning of January.



This is a piece of music I made a few years ago. I kind of put it on the shelf and forgot about it until I started collaborating with my friend Rami. She is a vocalist and player of many instruments (including Fat Bob) in two of the bands that I am in. Jon Was a Machine and Unifire
We started sending files back and forth over the interweb a few months ago and this is what came out of it.
I find it very interesting to work on music with somebody on a computer in two separate locations. I would like to pursue this avenue further. So far we have a few things done. If you are interested in hearing anything just click on the PROJECT 43N.
Some of the instruments on this track are made by me, and some of them are what some people might title as real instruments.

Real Instruments: Tibetan singing bowl, and some crappy air organ, I guess Rami’s vocals would go under this one???

Iner’s Instruments: The Single String, Fat Bob (played by Rami)

Other things on this track: The sounds of the Vanguard spacecraft from 1957, the creaking of the chair I was sitting on.

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