Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ma Bells Speaker for the Dead

Sometime I just call it the speaker mic. Originally, the speaker was built with a leather neck collar, to keep my hands free. I was able to focus on things like playing the single stringed chicken cooker, or dialing in static from a short wave radio. Ma Bells Speaker fro the Dead has changed a bit over the years, and has grown in popularity. The mic itself is the mouth piece that I removed from an old rotary phone suspended in the center of some cool looking aluminum ring I found at Active Surplus. I liked using it for weird breathing noises and the occasional moan. I think its best performance was on the album 7129/6105195 that was recorded by CRM-114. Supposedly 7120/6105195 is the mathematical equation to the universe, and CRM-114 has something to do with Stanley Kubrick. That’s all I got.

Now, Ma Bells Speaker for the Dead is mainly used by Rami when singing with Jon Was a Machine, or the band Unifire. The photo to the right was taken by Patrick Eves at Brian's house. The photo to the left was taken by Michael Keith at Michael house. It kind of shows the leather collar. In the back ground you can see the Single String along with the now defunct static box. I had all of that running through an amp I built which is sitting just out of frame. I will be posting something about that soon.
Just click on CRM-114 to hear some music by that band.

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